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Natalie Portman won the Oscar for Best Actress Award

I do not know that that is the &quot;Black Swan&quot; achieved a Natalie Portman, Natalie Portman, or achievements of the &quot;Black Swan&quot;, in short, she was in the &quot;Black Swan&quot; in the show how praise can not be overstated. &quot;This killer is not too cold,&quot; the little girl, after years of refinement, and finally grow into the &quot;black swan&quot; in the shining star. Hollywood actress Natalie Portman in hot movie &quot;Black Swan&quot; &quot;Black Swan&quot; played a glamorous female ballet dancers Nina, who has won numerous audience applause and praise from critics, but also by virtue of this role she won the Oscar for Best Actress. Well-being of the pregnant mother dressed in loose <a href="">Graduation Dresses</a> is the highlight of the evening. The hardest female artists, the evening's most beautiful mother!

Remember &quot;The killer is not too cold,&quot; which pair of clear beautiful eyes girl? That is Natalie Portman, her June 9, 1981 Born in Israel to Jerusalem, after 3 years of age moved to New York with his family. 1994 film &quot;The killer is not too cold,&quot; when 12 years old.
Natalie Portman starred in the &quot;Black Swan&quot; is an Oscar-level films. Fine of perhaps the subtle sound effects and sound, almost like a silent commentary to make the film more full, adding fantasy, branching off of the charm. Nina's picture repeatedly dwell in fine hair, thin shoulders, slender and elegant swan neck, people truly feel that this is a professional ballet dancer. Nina (played by Natalie Portman) from time to time loss, brow Jincu, shy expression, by one point too many, too few by a point. Pregnant mother Natalie, is undoubtedly the highlight of the Academy Awards will.

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Classic graduation dresses style

Sometimes some of the classic wedding style stand the changing times, the so-called wedding forever, classic forever. Timeless classics stand the test of time, at any time she is popular. Waterfront Square, orchid <a href="">Graduation Dresses</a> styles from the classic season recommended charming mermaid princess, to the quiet of Sissi, exudes boundless charm, the beautiful bride in a wedding dress against the background of these classics is particularly moving.

Fish balance due: Mermaid Princess
This section entire wedding using a soft French lace, with a good stretch, three-dimensional cut through a better fit for wedding the bride's body curve, together with the Swarovski crystal so that the whole <a href="">Homecoming Dresses</a> looks gorgeous and elegant.
Tube section: Seine
16 fish bone shape, so breast shape and with perfect waist curve, fold design, no disorder is chest or skirt are full of stylish ambience, exquisite soft taffeta fabric, lightweight easy to walk a small tail.

Sling models: for life
Sexy deep V neckline wedding dress for tall tall, busty bride. Lace embellishment on a simple skirt beads, large grasp fold wedding highlight the texture.
Shoulder bag models: Sissi
Shoulder section of the packet with the court Puff skirt, large tracts of lace like flowers in bloom at the skirt, each woman has a dream princess, perhaps, this is your dream wedding look.

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Learn to buy graduation dresses

Buy wedding, customized wedding before the bride, the bride's body is different from the scope of the bride wedding dress style is different, you should love the wedding pictures, and make a mark, mark your favorite style, plate, collar and waist and other details. When you communicate with the wedding consultant or designer, remember to bring these pictures, so you can more clearly express their ideas and opinions. In addition, the body should be selected according to the bride wedding dress style, the following is an expert body for 5 typical bride's Quinceanera Dresses selection recommendations are given.
Body characteristics: narrow shoulders, small breasts, hips.
White program: balancing the ratio of good health is the most important, giving prominence to the upper body of the curve, ignoring the wide hips.
Choose: make the shoulders look wider shoulder pads and Puff; due jacket lace, beaded, embroidery and other decorative or embossed fabrics and skirt are different; the waist and hips should be simple straight lines and smooth fabric .
Avoid: tight sleeves and low V-neck shape; skirt or use excessive Chouzhe complex decoration.

Body characteristics: and the pear-shaped just the opposite. Wide shoulders, chest fullness, lower body slim.
White program: princess dress
Options: simple style and smooth coat and sleeves fabric. You can sight down the low-waist wedding; big skirt, decoration pumping hips off the lower body styles are available for other more sense of the curve
Avoid: too complicated, such as shoulder pads and Puff decoration; easy to highlight the fullness of the upper body and waist style wide sleeves; very close-fitting skirt.

Body characteristics: the size close to the chest and hips, slim waist and pronounced curves. Curve is clear, graceful figure.
White solution: a wide range of options, to highlight the curve of the waist Graduation Dresses style is the best.
Options: the upper half should be tight, the performance can be split with the Princess line waist.
Avoid: in the upper body and skirt decorated at the same time increases too much, otherwise would be to complicated without the subject feeling.
Thin type
Body characteristics: tall and thin, no apparent shoulder, waist and hip line, the part of the size or less, the lack of sense of the curve.
White program: you wear the clothing can increase the curve of the United States, highlighting the shoulders and waist. Note the layering and wedding rhythm. Options: large changes in the shoulder and sleeve design has the effect of widening the shoulder; word collar, big round neckline is a good choice.
Avoid: to make the neck look more slender V-neck; the body looks more &quot;slender&quot; strapless.
Exquisite model
Body characteristics: good body, slim petite
White program:
Options: to lengthen the leg, high waist design, personal design can show a good body curve
Avoid: to make you even more short of the wide skirt .

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Wedding with the bride holding flowers

How will the bride wedding bride holding flowers and have a good mix of tips, wedding, the groom will be holding flowers to the bride, bride clasped it until the end of the wedding is then thrown to another woman. Holding flowers have a variety of different shapes: crescent-shaped, S-shaped, basket-type, token type, and so on. Holding flowers for a variety of different stature, temperament, and dress of the bride.

With most traditional: Round bouquet
According to wedding style choice: with a small bouquet of flowers brought into the circle, often matched with the princess-style wedding. S-shaped bouquet with classical, traditional Graduation Dresseswith straight-shaped fit. It has graceful flowing lines, gives a gentle and elegant feel, can very well express a simple bride quiet temperament.

With most proud of: multi-color bouquet

According to wedding colors: white wedding dress and bouquet of red or blue to match exceptionally charming. The bride wore Cocktail Dresses holding Jizhi mouthwatering red roses, and then another one on the hair, echoing up and down naturally without pretense. Must use these flowers around the asparagus, Asparagus and other soft Cuiye be set off, it becomes a more poetic.
With the most personality: bouquet basket

Body selected according to the bride: the bride is not suitable for petite too long, too big bouquet, otherwise it will become top-heavy, choose round or spherical bouquet would be more appropriate. Basket style bouquet, more fashion, according to the bride's body to weave design. It is light and delicate, but also showed the bride's personality. Japan's Crown Princess Masako is in use on this wedding bouquet.
With the most fresh: seasonal bouquet
According to wedding season choice: after all, flowers are living things, it is very seasonal. To be selected to match the season of good quality flowers. Spring pea and lily of the valley musk, summer roses, autumn lilies, anemones and buttercups winter flowers are the most beautiful. Seasonal changes in the selection according to the most beautiful flowers of the season, will be able to bring out the bride's tender and beautiful, beautiful.

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Mother wedding accessories and wedding veil clever take

Want to be a touching bride, a bride's wedding, a bride pan head, or one pair of beautiful bridal shoes, these are the bride of essential goods, but how to make the bride's temperament with more noble, more elegant form, so that the bride have a more vivid, lively overall shape it? Bride wedding and bridal veil with the role played by clever you know? Location bridal veil, the bride decided to temperament, learning about the bride with wedding accessories clever and take the veil, the bride of the noble spirit of the show.

Position of the veil, the bride decided to temperament, veil style can generally be divided into the basic models (Long and short) and Maria-style veil. On the basis of the different styles of lace and pearls are also used, diamonds to decorate. This lesson we want to teach readers how to use basic models with a veil and a wedding with the bride with a very different temperament. The front parts of the head, wearing the gorgeous version of the veil. Wear a veil in front of the head position, the shoulder must be selected no special design of the wedding.

Will wear the Graduation Dresses in front of his head, making the cover a little veil hanging cheeks, gorgeous sense of sudden and devastating. If there are flowers worn on the top of the head echo, so more would be to young and energetic, lovely impression. However, it is worth mentioning that this approach tends to wear the veil cover the shoulder area, therefore not suitable for a special ten-shoulder design of the wedding, otherwise it will make people think of focus, too cumbersome. Meanwhile, attention should also be wearing the veil should not fold over. Pleated too much, and wearing a conspicuous location in the head in front of it, will make people think it is too heavy and cumbersome. Basic golden rule, the dynamic version to wear the veil, the head slightly backward position of wear, sections of the law to wear wedding wild.
We usually remember the location ponytail tie it? Yes, head yarn hair worn in a ponytail on top of the root, which is essential to wear the veil golden rule. The wear and sections of the wedding location will have a better degree of echo, known as a &quot;universal bit.&quot; From the front, the height of the veil in the head just behind the side, because the hair stands tall, graceful veil and therefore stand up, and that such a way that wearing the veil is not easy to cover the bride's face. And this is the best way to wear a location in the rear side head slightly sideways to wear, this will be even more lively and dynamic. Back of the head part, to wear the veil of noble version, though it is noble to wear elegant way, but also pay attention to the length of the veil.

Because this approach will make the bride look more worn noble, elegant, feminine, so very suitable witness the Evening Dresses. Older bride, suggested that it might give up the crown like a small cute hair accessories, selection of pearls and other accessories and more texture. As the veil worn on the back of the head parts, reducing the bride's visual &quot;height&quot;, this method is very suitable to wear the bride and groom height flush or higher than those who groom. Wearing the veil should be below the brow. Try to check in when the length of the veil, it is recommended to choose a vague cover the length of the chest.

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